Freelancers in the literary field have been getting a bad rap lately due to so many people taking on the challenge of accomplishing freelance work on the side. Initially, this may seem like a good idea, but it can swiftly go wrong and make a freelancer unreliable because deliveries aren’t on time. They do not have a web presence because they feel they don’t have the time to create one. The internet and the freelance platforms within it are filled with “professionals” who are just looking to make a quick buck instead of genuinely caring about their client’s needs. 

However, out of a handful of people online who are not truly dedicated to their craft, there are HUNDREDS of genuine professionals out there who have taken the time to devote their lives to providing top-notch service. How do I know this? Because I am one of them. I am here to ease all your worries and concerns by explaining why so many business owners and freelance writers are looking to hire a proofreader. Your happiness is my top priority! Always.

1. First- Rate Content Proves Your Credibility As An Author Or Business Manager 

When potential clients browse your website or read your manuscript, they are often nervous about deciding who to trust and invest their time and hard-earned money in. So, they are constantly looking for scams or signs of unreliability. When a person sees obvious spelling errors or missing words in any written work published by those who say they are professionals, their “Spidey-sense” starts tingling. Quickly written, unpolished work is a famous quality among scammers and those who are only partially committed to their clients. But, when you submit clean, polished, clear information that is easy to understand, your credibility is instantly boosted. Potential clients will see this as a sign of a committed, trustworthy professional caring about their goals.  

 2. Friends & Family Often Do Not Catch Important Errors Due To The Lack Of Proofreading Knowledge

“I’m great with words and grammar! Don’t waste money when you can get something done for free.” I witnessed this first-hand from an acquaintance who convinced our mutual friend to send him the manual he was preparing for self-publication. Our friend was ecstatic and immediately handed over his creation. I contacted the author a few days later to see how the proofreading was going. He informed me that he had already published the work online and anxiously awaited sales. Upon his first sale, he was so thrilled that he sent me a copy for free. When I read it, I found a TON of errors often missed by an untrained eye. The manual was eventually taken down because of negative reviews for the “lack of quality in the work.” 

Those who purchase written works may not necessarily be editors or proofreaders, but they do study what they are about to purchase and keep themselves sharp for any flaws that could potentially ruin their investment. This means that despite not being literary professionals, they will know enough to realize that their investment’s true quality was not taken into account.

A friend can be a great writer and editor but still not possess the eyes of a proofreader (Editing and proofreading are different). This is through no fault of their own. Grammar and punctuation rules are constantly changing, and the rules you learn in school are only sometimes correct today. Another huge disadvantage is that you are close to the project. Deep down inside, friends and family don’t want to discourage the one they care about or get overly excited to see their loved ones work in print that they miss crucial errors.

Many people don’t realize that proofreading requires training. It is a task that requires champion note-taking, massive amounts of research, and the ability to hone your eagle eyes. 

 3. Deciding to NOT Invest In Professional Help Can Be More Costly Than Making the Actual Investment

As you read from the example above, published work that needs to be thoroughly proofread can lead to losing clients and customers. Clients/buyers are what fund your business. And when you lose business, you lose money. It is that simple. Submitting quality work is the best and easiest way to ensure you gain profits and relationships. 

By investing in a proofreader to monitor and increase the quality of your submissions, you will receive a great ROI!

 4. Having A Professional Proofreader “On Saff” Is More Reliable/Convenient Than Struggling To Proofread Important Documents/Manuscripts By Yourself 

When you find a professional proofreader you trust, hiring them as part of your staff or contracting them for temporary work will publish your content faster and more efficiently. The stress will be off your shoulders if you do not have to worry about missing spelling mistakes, grammar rules, punctuation rules, or formatting errors. A proofreader will take care of all of this for you and more!

 5. Investing In A Proofreader Can Drastically Improve Your ROI by DOUBLING Your Income

When customers see quality content posted online or printed in a manuscript, they will be inclined to look you up further. A ripple effect will be created once they do business with you and are more than satisfied with your services. One customer will share your services with a friend. Their friend will share their positive experience with their friends, and the ripple grows bigger and bigger. 

For online content, most proofreaders charge $12/page. If you have a piece of written work that is three pages long, proofing it would cost $36. And for $36, you have the potential to receive double the amount of customers, which will double your income through what I call “the ripple effect.” 

So, in the long run — hiring a proofreader is much more affordable and beneficial than you think!

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